Innovate it is no longer a company but it's founder is working on a couple of personal projects. Check them out below!

Break Every Yoke - The goal for this project is to to create and distribute Bibles for mobile phones to every tribe on Earth, in their own language. The project is personally financed so far but you may read more about it and support it here.

Share The Sermon - Building a huge archive of free audio sermons with sound Biblical preaching. Android apps are created for each preacher. It is possible to support this project on Patreon.

Prophecy App - Scanning YouTube for various prophecy videos. Prophecy App serve as a vehicle to present ideas and thoughts about current events. Each video presents the opinion of it's creator. The idea is to expand this site and allow creators to submit content directly. You may support Prophecy App on Patreon.


The Bible in Ukrainian added and approved by Google Play. - 2020-04-04

Young's Literal Translation added and approved by Google Play. - 2020-04-01

Tongan Bible added and approved by Google Play. - 2020-03-30

King James Bible (KJV) added and approved by Google Play. - 2020-03-28

If you need to contact me, use the email below.